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Intellectual Property


Schroder Brooks actively practices in advising clients on the registration, use and licensing of trademarks. As part of our Trademark Law practice, we advise clients on matters such as:

  • Preliminary and full searches for trademark availability

  • Trademark application registration with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

  • Prosecuting and Defending Trademark Infringement actions

  • State Trademark registration

  • Strategic Counsel for protecting and maintaining current trademarks

  • Evaluating and Responding to Trademark cease and desist letters


While federal copyright registration does not require an attorney, there are advantages to consulting with Schroder Brooks in routine and complicated copyright matters that involve multiple parties, as well as for registrations that have underlying works, before filing with the U.S. Copyright Office. Our firm’s Copyright Law practice includes advising clients on matters such as:

  • Evaluating ownership issues for pending copyright registration

  • Copyright Registration services

  • Transferring Copyright Ownership interests

  • Mortgaging And Security Interests on Copyright Interests

  • Evaluating and Responding to Copyright cease and desist letters

  • Prosecuting & Defending Copyright Infringement actions

Trade Secret

Trade secrets and other types of proprietary information are of critical importance to many of Schroder Brooks’ clients. Protecting confidential and proprietary business information and safeguarding good will are matters we can help navigate for our clients. Our firm’s Trade Secret Law practice includes advising clients on matters such as:

  • Identifying trade secrets information

  • Developing trade secrets procedures and related agreements

  • Drafting Non-Disclosure agreements

  • Drafting Confidentiality agreements


Schroder Brooks’ attorneys have vast experience in licensing matters related to intellectual property of all kinds. We work with our clients to create smart licensing strategies and agreements that reflect our clients’ interests whether as a licensor or a licensee. Our approach to licensing matters not only involves analyzing, negotiating and documenting licensing agreements, but also assisting our clients in obtaining enhanced value through the right licensing structure that fits our clients’ needs.

The Internet and E-Commerce is an essential element for many of our clients at Schroder Brooks. Our attorneys have strong experience in structuring and negotiating e-business agreements and our services in this area include:

  • Click-through and Web-wrap agreements

  • Content licenses

  • Web hosting agreements

  • Joint venture agreements

  • User agreements and terms of service

  • Website development agreements

  • Software licenses

  • Privacy policies and related disclosures

  • Co-marketing and distribution arrangements

  • Web hosting agreements

  • Application service provider agreements