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Areas of Practice


Entertainment Law

Schroder Brooks, PLC represents several major Hollywood studios and has served as production counsel on many significant theatrical, made for television, and home video releases. We also represent independent production companies, film financiers, and several distributors as well as many individual producers, actors, directors, writers, and other performers in feature film, television, and radio. The Firm has extensive experience in handling all legal and business aspects of filmmaking (including film financing, union and guild collective bargaining agreements, rights issues, and distribution arrangements).

fashion law

Schroder Brooks attorneys know the fashion industry and its fast evolving issues, including an attorney who has been involved in the fashion and modeling industry for over 20 years. Schroder Brooks provides counsel to designers, labels and others of all sizes who are involved in the fashion industry. We advise our fashion clients on all aspects of the business at every phase of a product’s lifecycle, beginning with the creation of a design and continuing through to marketing and distribution of the product. We understand the importance of building and sustaining a brand in the fashion industry and, as such, create legal strategies that enable our clients to define, manage and expand their brands in today’s vast mediums for fashion.

Intellectual Property

Schroder Brooks possesses a strong practice in intellectual property law including the licensing, acquisition, registration and protection of copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. Our intellectual property clients include for-profit and non-profit entities doing business — not only in the entertainment and arts industries — but on the Internet, as well as, in the technology sector and other industries.


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visual arts law

Schroder Brooks, PLC is ready to assist artists with their legal concerns. Whether it’s negotiating gallery contracts, protecting your original work of art, or negotiating a work for hire agreement, we can help. Our members have been involved with several non-profit arts law organizations in San Francisco and Los Angeles and have been cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in connection with published work regarding copyright law in the arts. Another member of the Firm developed the “Coffee with an Art Lawyer” program, which allows artists the opportunity to meet with a lawyer in a local coffee shop and receive pro-bono legal advice.

Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Law

Advertising and Marketing Law refers to the body of laws related to the means and methods of communicating information about a product or service to the public. Schroder Brooks works closely with our clients to ensure that their advertising and marketing plans comply with the constantly changing regulations surrounding the industry today.  Whether we are negotiating client-agency contracts, crafting influencer agreements or counseling clients on industry specific advertising guidelines,  we understand that an effective marketing plan can be key to the success of any business.