Schroder Brooks attorneys know the fashion industry and its fast evolving issues, including an attorney who has been involved in the fashion and modeling industry for over 20 years. Schroder Brooks provides counsel to designers, labels and others of all sizes who are involved in the fashion industry. We advise our fashion clients on all aspects of the business at every phase of a product’s lifecycle, beginning with the creation of a design and continuing through to marketing and distribution of the product.

Schroder Brooks attorneys have a broad range of knowledge in a variety of legal areas that are essential to its fashion law clients, including intellectual property, corporate and business law, contractual and licensing arrangements, regulations regarding the use for models and minors and commercial law together combined with our business knowledge of the fashion industry.

We understand the importance of building and sustaining a brand in the fashion industry and, as such, create legal strategies that enable our clients to define, manage and expand their brands in today’s vast mediums for fashion.

Many designers waste time and resources by attempting to register their own trademark when they do not understand the trademark process. These futile attempts usually result in contacting an attorney and starting the process again only to expend additional funds. In some instances, designers find out that they cannot register their own names as trademarks. We work hard to get the right trademark registration for our fashion clients so they can build their brand without question.

A common infringement in the fashion industry occurs where prints on fabrics are unlawfully copied. Designers can register artwork and prints that are displayed on their fabric but in most instances will not be able to register the actual design. We know how to navigate through important copyright matters for our fashion clients.

Trade/Commercial Secrets.
Whether it is source of packaging materials, an unauthorized photo of a design, marketing strategies and/or other trade secrets, the fast pace of the fashion industry can cause important information to get into the wrong hands and/or give others a competitive advantage. We work with our designers to anticipate and address potential trade and commercial secret problems and assist our fashion clients with legal solutions that avoid future problems in this area.

Designers spend thousands of dollars to create and register their trademarks and build their brands. Counterfeit or “knock off” luxury goods cost the U.S. economy up to $250 billion in revenue every year. Our lawyers understand the financial consequences of the counterfeit market. We also understand that many small business retailers are unaware that posting certain images or making references to brand names when selling their product is illegal. We have helped retailers respond to cease and desist letters and negotiate settlements. Most illegal distributors are caught by selling online. Our lawyers have worked with internet service providers having counterfeit goods removed from retail websites such as EBAY. One of our attorneys is also a licensed private investigator and familiar with the criminal justice process. Knowledge in this area is helpful when working with authorities to have counterfeit goods removed from websites and counterfeiters prosecuted. We have assisted clients that have had their trademarks copied and clothing reproduced and illegally distributed on EBAY and other online retail websites. Our attorneys can help you navigate the legal process whether you are seeking damages or responding to a cease and desist letter.
Fashion models, agencies and photographers need an attorney who understands their legal issues and the fashion business. Our attorneys have decades of experience advising industry professionals. Having a daughter who is a national spokesperson and model, our lead fashion lawyer, Joan Bellefield Davis, advises young models and their parents concerning the obscurities involved in the modeling industry and the importance of finding a reputable agent. On the flip side we work with photographers and modeling agencies to draft contracts that meet the requirements of the law and protect them when working with young models. Joan was featured with her daughter as a guest on The Katie Couric show in 2014. The episode highlighted the difficulties child fashion models encounter in the industry and the necessity of New York’s Child Model law and parental involvement in their children’s careers.