Advertising Law Update

//Advertising Law Update

Predicting the Future? New FTC Tools Share Insights


In October, the FTC launched a new tool to view aggregated consumer complaint data. Rather than being released annually, the FTC will now release this data on a quarterly basis. Users can see aggregated consumer complaint data organized by state, type of consumer issue (fraud etc…), the amount of loss and other detailed information.

For example, […]

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Advertising and Marketing Law Update

Below is a list of topics that may be of interest to you or your clients and for the month of November, I am offering thirty minute sessions (free) to provide updates as well as guidance on best practices.

Email me at to set up some time.

Influencers, native advertising, and the right of publicity

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Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to promote your goods and services and like all things advertising, transparency and truth are key to having a successful and lucrative Affiliate Marketing program.   Many of the ads online are created by marketers who get paid each time a consumer clicks on the ad. If the click takes […]

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Make Sure Giving Portals are Transparent

Make Sure Giving Portals are Transparent  

Many online retailers, crowdfunding sites, and other platforms allow for people to choose from a list of charities to which they can donate directly through that online platform. These “giving portals” provide a convenient mechanism by which donors can give to the causes that they care about.

100% of those donations, […]

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What is Advertising Law?

What is Advertising Law ?

I was recently at a cocktail party where I didn’t know many people. Per the usual cocktail banter, people ask “What do you do?” My answer: I’m a marketing and advertising lawyer. Not a lawyer who advertises, but a lawyer who specializes in advertising law.

But what exactly is Advertising Law?

In its purest […]

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Bloggers Guide to GDPR

GDPR is practically a buzzword these days but what does it mean for bloggers? And how or why are you supposed to keep up with the requirements of a European law?

The EU passed a law called the General Data Privacy Rule, GDPR, which goes into effect on May 25, 2018. It addresses the protection of […]

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Do What You Say and Read What You Write

You have no doubt received emails from your favorite websites letting you know that their “terms of service have been updated”. As of May 25, the General Data Privacy Rule (“GDPR”) will be rolled out in the EU and many American companies will also have to comply. That’s why your inbox is full of updates.

But […]

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It’s been a busy year so far for the FTC and COPPA and as more and more kids’ products act like smartphones, it’s likely we are going to see increased attention on this topic from regulators.

As parents, the idea of tracking our child’s whereabouts using a kid friendly device that gives us access to their […]

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Clear and Conspicuous Wins the Race

A recent New York state case sheds some light on best practices when it comes to drafting online terms and conditions (“T&C’s”) for your website.

Online terms and conditions are a contract between you and your users or customers. A good set of T&C’s will address liability, collection of data, and intellectual property ownership, among others.

One […]

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It’s Not All Likes When it Comes to Social Media Advertising

We’ve read stories about brands behaving badly on social media and stories about noble marketing efforts that result in epic fails because of a bad post, or worse, a bad post gone viral.  Using social media can be tricky, so businesses seeking to advertise or otherwise use social media to communicate to their customers need […]

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